Why Did God Forbid One Tree in Eden?

John Piper has offered so many great explanations for those itching questions about God and the Bible, and this is one of those itching questions: “Why Did God Forbid One Tree in Eden?” Was it just to see if Adam and Eve were going to be obedient? Why wasn’t it a whole set of trees or foods like God did with Israel? Is the forbidding even the main point at all?

This is what John offers as an explanation:

So the issue of the tree is this: Will we keep looking to God as the giver and lover and treasure of this garden so that all our eating is thanking and all our savoring is a savoring of God? Will we keep on experiencing every one of these tastes as a tasting of something like what God is, and in that sense a tasting of God? Will we keep on enjoying God in the enjoying of the trees?

That is what the forbidden tree was there to test.

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