Unleashing the Church Through Lay Leadership

The Barna Update: 1/16/01
A bi-weekly e-mail from George Barna

Unleashing the Church Through Lay Leadership

A church – or any organization – can only go as far as its leaders can take it.  Our latest research on church leadership is described in my newest book, Building Effective Lay Leadership Teams.  The book officially releases today and describes why team leadership is superior to solo leadership; common barriers to using lay leadership teams; and a process for transitioning from solo-based to team-based leadership.

Our research found that:

·   more than three-quarters of Senior Pastors do not believe they are called, gifted or skilled as leaders.  Pastors who are leaders are actually less likely to rely on teams of lay leaders to help lead the ministry forward than is the case in churches where the Senior Pastor is not a leader;

·   only one out of every ten churches uses any viable form of teams in leadership.  Most churches rely solely upon individual leaders working in isolation to make things happen;

·   churches using lay leadership teams experience dramatically better results in terms of life transformation than do churches without leadership or those using solo-based leadership.

The apologetic and process for lay leadership teams in ministry – along with other recent research concerning the unchurched, discipleship and ministry evaluation – is a key segment in our new seminar, which I will be leading in 45 more markets across the country (through November 2001).  To order a copy of Building Effective Lay Leadership Teams, or to find out the dates, locations and content of the seminar, hit this link or visit our home page (http://www.barna.org).