Relationships Handout 3

What Does God Expect Of A Man?

  1. Masculine Distinction
  2. Servant Leadership


Spiritual Equality

Why does inequality exist?






Were women created to be equals of men? Does equality mean sameness? Can men and women be considered equals if we make a distinction in their functions?






What does the Bible say about the equality of male and female? (Gal. 3:26-29)






How should men treat women?

  1. (1 Tim. 5:2; Eph. 5:3,4; Heb. 13:4)



  1. (1 Pet. 3:7)



  1. (1 Tim. 5:2; 1 Pet. 3:7; Rom. 12:10)



  1. (Eph. 5:25-33; Matt. 7:12, 22:39)



  1. (1 Cor. 12:4-7)



  1. (Eph. 5:21)



Thinking It Over

  1. How do men treat women in your family, church, or community?
  2. Do you agree that complementary functions should not be thought of as being unequal in value?
  3. How should a man (as a single, married, or church leader) encourage women to use their spiritual gifts?